Our very first outdoor movie with 12' screen.
Our very first outdoor movie with 12' screen.

Founded in August of 2015.

Outdoor movies as a young kid growing up in Tucson, Az was a big part of my life, The drive-in movies was the place to go, place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather we have here, way back than there was a drive in theatre called Deanza drive-In I remember my first experience with this place they were showing Space Camp (1986) I was in love with the ideal of outdoor movies unfortunately they closed in 2009.


In 2015 i started my own little business out of my home here in Tucson with 1 screen a small projector and 2 speakers, The ideal didnt take off right away and had no way to advertize it so basically I was giving it away and promoting myself at the same time.


Fast forward to 2017 with approximately 90 satisfied customers we have grown!! 4 screens and a Drive-In Wow!! We partnered up and became a board member with our non profit drive-in Cactus and as of June 2017 we are still growing.

We Have a Passion For Outdoor Movies "It's what we do best"


Backyard Movie Outdoors

Christopher Kazanes