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Outdoor Movie Screen with pa speakers

Our First Outdoor Movie Screen Setup Aug 2015

Founded in August of 2015

Hello and welcome to my website, Im Chris and I currently own and operate Desert Air Cinema out of my home here in Tucson, Arizona

It all began in 2015 when I had an ideal to own a outdoor movie service, I did a lot of research on this ideal and realized there is a big gap where virtually no one was doing this particular niche in our area, there are a few out there but there prices are unreasonable and they are far away making prices even higher, so I bought the equipment and started this little venture.

It was was a slow process in the beginning with my very first outdoor movie showing to a retirement community in a RV park, as thing progressed I needed a website so I could make online bookings and provide information on what I do, so this website you are visiting now is a accumulation of 2 years of hard work a lot of research and learning how to create a website that can be used for my particular niche .

Im told once I put my mind to something I usually make it happen in a spectacular way.”

Fast forward three years and with well over 250 outdoor movie events under my belt, I have become quite proficient at catering to any outdoor event that I am called upon to provide.

Our Mission Statement

To provide innovative and professional outdoor movies and event management services with a focus on quality to detail. We aim to represent the best interests of the client by providing sound advisement while keeping a focus on creative and innovative ways to accomplish each goal set forth, keeping low prices and providing outstanding quality service.

Our Description

Desert Air Cinema based in Tucson, Arizona, United States is an small outdoor movie event company that helps plan and organize outdoor movies for  children’s birthday parties, engagement/proposals, weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, etc. Our specialties and services include large outdoor movie screens, rentals, projectors, sound systems , concessions and more.

 We Have a Passion For Outdoor Movies    “It’s what we do best”