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Outdoor Movie Night Tucson, Az

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Outdoor Movie Night Tucson, Az


There’s just something about a classic movie and a warm, summer evening that go together so darn well. With summer breezing out, now’s the perfect time to start planning a movie night party for a few friends the air is cool and the nights are perfect. We’ve got the ideas and tips to make yours go off without a hitch:
Throwing an outdoor movie night doesn’t have to require a lot of stuff or be expensive, but it does need a little planning ahead to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. We’ve rounded up a list of tips to think about when planning your next outdoor movie night:1) Pick the right spot You’ll want to find a spot—could be a backyard, patio, porch, garage—where you can control the amount of light at night (in other words, don’t plan one in your backyard if there’s a bright streetlight that could ruin the fun). Not everyone has a backyard, so get creative with your space!2) Provide the right equipment Your basic essentials are a movie player a screen a projector and a sound system. Don’t let that sound too complicated; it’s easier to set up than you think. we provide everything you need so you can relax and enjoy the show.3) Make sure you’ve got a good movie Consider the crowd that will be coming and choose accordingly. It could be a classic, a family-friendly one or a great comedy.

4) Accommodate with comfortable seating You don’t have to go out and buy fancy outdoor seating, blankets on the ground can be the perfect thing for a movie night, but plenty of affordable outdoor seating options can be found.

5) De-bug the area Consider spraying before guests arrive and have plenty of bug spray for guests. You don’t have to douse yourself in harsh chemicals; they have lots of more natural options to repel bugs.

6) Utilize soft lights like candles You want it dark enough to see the movie, but you also want a little light for function and ambiance.

7) Don’t forget to get your neighbors involved An outdoor movie event could potentially be disturbing to the homes around yours, so let your neighbors know ahead of time your plans and maybe even invite them to the fun!