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Frozen Drink Machine Rental


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Margarita Machine Rental

pre-mixed margarita mix included..

provide your own alcohol, We will deliver, set up and pick up the machine.

These machines don’t even require ice, which is probably the greatest gift of renting one.

 $199 + Delivery – 1/Night Rental

How long does it take for a batch to freeze?

PLAN on beverages NOT being ready for up to 2+ hours.  For batch to completely freeze it typically takes 30-45 minutes without alcohol (1 hour PLUS if using alcohol)(see below).

  • Temperature of product you start with affects how long it takes. You can shorten freeze time by pre-chilling alcohol, drink mix, & starting with cold water.  Keep in mind: if the liquid going into machine is chilled at 40 degrees it will take 1/2 the time to freeze than if it’s at 60 degrees when starting.
  • Indoors, outdoors, sun, shade, humidity, warmer or cooler weather temperatures ALL affect how long it takes to freeze!
  • Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature, plan for it to take longer for adult beverages!  (Let us know if you’ll be serving with or without alcohol so we can program it correctly.)
  • Once frozen, you can add more unfrozen mixture at any time & it will take approximately 30 minutes to refreeze.  You can serve beverage before it’s done, but it will just be thinner.
  • Machine freezes ALL of the drink mix placed into it, so the ENTIRE amount freezes, which is great for having more servings ready at the start of an event when demand is the highest & where the initial freeze time is not an issue.


*Sorry No Pickup Allowed

Desert Air Cinema Must Deliver Machine

Additional information

Margarita Mix Included

6 Gal of margarita mix

Cups for 100 People

100 Red Solo Cups


24 Hour Rental


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